As a coach I focus on the following challenges, from my experience at AVA, Opera Philadelphia, North Carolina Opera, Lyric Opera Baltimore, New York Lyric Opera Theater, Music Academy International, Russian Opera Workshop, and the Bryn Mawr Conservatory, as well as the voice studios of William Stone, Benita Valente, Florence Quivar, Bill Schuman, and Deborah Polaski:


• The singer-conductor interaction: breathing, timing of consonants, indicating intentions, leading/following principles, responsibility to colleagues in ensemble

• Language as a means to articulate the composer's style as well as the concerns of a character

• Maintaining solid technical principles through difficult phrases (especially coloratura), identifying and troubleshooting technical hazards to achieve a convincing artistic result for an individual voice

• Finding the right tempo and articulation approach for a singer's instrument and expressive tendencies; keeping the audience engaged while staying physically efficient

• Chorus audition preparation and ensemble coaching

• General role and audition preparation as requested


I am currently based in the Moabit area (near U-Birkenstraße) in Berlin.