"...clear beat and shapely direction...great expectations [from the musicians] and an involvement fully formed" (Shakespeare Concerts 2017, Jordan Hall, Boston)

Lee Eiseman, The Boston Musical Intelligencer


"...gave the whole evening an elegant sense of shape, letting the music breathe when it needed to, while providing a sense of forward momentum...and delivering precise harmonies in ensembles." (The Chocolate Soldier, 2015, Concert Operetta Theater)

David Fox, Reclining Standards


"characterful...looked and sounded appropriate in this silent-movie venue" (Les contes d'Hoffmann, 2016, Opera on Tap Berlin)

Opera Magazine


"Superbly conducted...his small chamber orchestra provided a solid sonic foundation for a well-chosen cast." (Le nozze di Figaro, 2013, Delaware Valley Opera Company)

Michael Caruso, Chestnut Hill Local


"One of the most enjoyable performances I've heard from this fine organization." (Cyrano de Bergerac, 2014, Concert Operetta Theater)

Steve Cohen, Broad Street Review


"Perhaps the best CD I've bought in years...playing of the highest quality" (The Russian Cello, released 2016)

Tom West, amazon.com


"[Ribchester and Leonardo Suarez Paz are] both obvious masters of their art...the tango they created at dusk made me melt in my seat." (Bryant Park Fall Festival)

Failing Fashionista, New York City


"Utter self-confidence and passionate commitment to the composer and score...beyond perfected technique, a personal esthetic vision." 

William Conville, Newtown Square Life



main photo credit: Nikolai Fox

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